Social Crisis, Tips for Social Marketing, and check your social ID

Greetings from a grey Cambridge, Massachusetts overlooking the Charles river.

In something that is very timely, Shel Holtz has posted the slides and audio from his recent presentation on Social Media and Crisis Communication.  I will be listening to the audio on my flight home.

Here are ten tips for Social Media marketers from Paula Drumm via Todd Defren. The only thing I’d question is the line: “It doesn’t take a big budget to get started in social media marketing.  In fact, much of social media marketing is human capital.” – I know what she means but the human capital cost is often the biggest challenge for companies looking at social media.

Got your brand signed up online? Check the availability of your brand across a plethora of social media tools courtesy of Knowen (many of which you’ll never have heard of).  The danger of these type of tools of course is that it makes it easy for hi-jackers to do the same… so get going. <Link via Brian Solis>

Congratulations to Philip Young and David Philips on the launch of their work on the second edition of PR in Practice: Online PR.

I seemed to have missed Wikileaks a site that encourages you to post leaks about your company, government, whatever.  I’m not convinced that this would provide any value other than to the army of online conspiracy theorists. But I could be wrong… wouldn’t be the first time.  <Tim Dyson>