A nice story (for a change)

With all the hot air, and the growing number of mind-numbing self-styled gurus you find on the InterWeb, it’s sometimes nice to celebrate a nice story.

I’m sure many of you (19,000,000 and counting) have seen Matt Harding’s video, Where the Hell is Matt? where he dances all over the world.

He contributed a nice essay to NPR’s This I Believe segment over the weekend, have a listen.

You see, sometimes you can just be nice.

Hat tip to Mark Ragan who pointed to the essay on Twitter yesterday.

BIG hat tip to Stride for their most tasteful (sigh) sponsorship of Matt’s efforts which have the simple aim of putting a smile on your face, and succeed admirably.


Speaking of hot air… big boo to Robert Scoble for more hot air and, in the style of Monty Python, more rash generalizations than you’d find in a rash generalization sale, at the biggest rash generalization store in the town of rash generalization.

Postscript 1:

I have found z on the keyboard over the past four weeks, but I seem to have lost u…