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Settling in Seattle…. and keeping an eye on the Twendz…


It’s been a while.  I hope you haven’t been too sad while I’ve been away.

I guess not.

Well, week two in Seattle is nearly complete. The great thing for an Irish person moving to Seattle is that it’s pretty easy to acclimate… we get lots of “soft days” here as well 🙂

One thing that hasn’t changed while I’ve been away from regular blogging is the continued rise of Twitter.  It still amazes me just how much airplay Twitter gets both in-person and across the media (see below). 

Another thing that hasn’t changed is PR pitches.  I received an e-mail from a PR person last week saying:

“I’ve seen your blog (check out this really funny video)…. I’ve never seen a company introduce a product like this before.  What a fun (and funny) way to spread the word on serious water-saving technology!

So of course being the cynical person I am, the first thing I did was go to their web site and low and behold the company promoting the video was her client – a fact not mentioned in the e-mail.

Transparency people.  Transparency.

Looking through my RSS Reader there were just too many backed up unread posts, but here are some things that caught my eye as I quickly scanned the headlines (if I’ve missed anything let me know).

Psychoanalyze your blog.. or not

Stuart has a link to an interesting web tool (bubble gum psychonanalysis but sure there’s nothing wrong with that) Typealyzer which promises to tell your the personality type behind a blog.  Like Stuart I’m INTJ (I don’t think it’s related to Myers Briggs). Seemingly I’m the long-range thinking, individualist type. The only problem is, so is every other blog I put into it, so maybe best ignored…


Twitter, Twitter Twitter….

Shel Holtz gives another great example of how Twitter’s real-time  broadcasts can be really useful.

Meanwhile, PR firm Waggener Edstrom (disclaimer: one of Microsoft’s PR firms) has released an interesting new data mining application for Twitter called Twendz.

According to Frank Shaw:

twendz is a Twitter mining Web application that utilizes the power of Twitter Search, highlighting conversation themes and sentiment of the tweets that talk about topics you are interested in. As the conversation changes, so does twendz by evaluating up to 70 tweets at a time. When new tweets are posted, they are dynamically updated, minute by minute.

Here’s a PR Twendz


Personally, I think this is very interesting and I like the tag cloud and the positive-negative indicator on the left-hand column.

Last but not least, I forgot to mention the very clever Twitter Mosaic which everyone knows about, but I still think is really smart.

Get your Twitter Mosaic here.

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March 15, 2009 at 5:44 am

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