Darwin’s theory: PR pitches are improving

Since my last missive on this subject, I have continued to receive endless brain numbing e-mail press releases for topics that have no interest to me. 

My favourite off-target pitch was for a new sun tanning salon in New York.  Seriously lads, c’mon would you.

I really don’t think this blog is a terribly effective outlet for promoting products and services, however having said that, I think we should reward good blog relations.

Today’s Gold Star goes to Morgan van Ancken from Morton PR, for his pitch on Shutterstock:

Shutterstock is a stock photography and stock footage site that uses crowdsourcing to generate its image library (they have over 6 million stock photos). This means that by outsourcing the task of taking pictures to people around the world, they are able to offer extremely high quality stock imagery and footage at a more affordable price point than traditional agencies

Morgan wrote a great pitch, demonstrated he had wasted valuable time reading this blog 🙂 and weaved that well written pitch artfully with some standard blurb.

Good job Morgan.

I won’t be publishing the URL for the Tanning salon.