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Heartiest congratulations to Stuart Bruce and the team at Wolfstar who won the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Grand Prix Award for the UK’s Outstanding Small Consultancy!  Fantastic achievement in 18 months!


image Fair play award of the day goes to Thomas Brunkard, who as a communications professional in these challenging times, is documenting his journey to secure a PR job in Ireland through his blog. Good on him.  Take a look.. particularly if you’re looking to fill a position in Ireland.


image In other fantastic news, Jenn was in touch to tell me about the “independent New York fashion trade show and shopping event”…. I wonder has Jenn ever seen a photo of me? If she had she’d know all about my passion for couture. She certainly didn’t stop to look at this site before spamming my in-box.  Well done Jenn, great job. You’re the perfect example of the lazy, unprofessional people who give PR a bad name.


image Gerry “PR Disasters” McCusker is calling for nominations for the biggest PR disasters for 2008.  No shortage of candidates there methinks…

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December 17, 2008 at 9:35 pm

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