Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media #3

So I had my usual chortle at Twitter’s expense this morning, most people laughed but a couple of people on Twitter weren’t very happy with me 🙂

I do use Twitter (when I get a chance) so you should probably put that into context. I suppose the problem with humour is that it does get lost sometimes.

My talk was entitled “Pragmatic Optimism” (about Social Media), and as always, I appeal for calm and balance when discussing social media. It’s easy to get a false sense of reality.

To be successful I believe that social media must be integrated with broader marketing/communications efforts.

I believe that central to that, is a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve (also known as your objectives) and a clear insight into your audience (are they online, where are they?).

It appears that this comes across to some people as “old school”.

Well I suppose in the social media context I am “old school”. I’ve been blogging since 2002, so I should soon be reading “Murphy’s Law is dead” posts very soon.

It’s interesting.  The feedback I’ve had from the majority of delegates has been incredibly positive.  Many are struggling with understanding how we manage the demands of online and offline.  This is a major issue for many people.  They view my pragmatism with relief.

Meanwhile the people sucking the social media Kool-Aid react with disgust that you could be telling them that, actually, the emperor may not have any clothes on or certainly not as many clothes as they think 🙂

What is incredibly interesting is the number of attendees on Twitter and the dynamic of people discussing and debating your talk live is, well interesting to say the least!

I’ll post a synopsis of my talk (without the asides 🙂 next week….