Interesting communications web chat (November 19th)….

Bjorn Edlund, vice president of communications at Shell, was in touch (Are you impressed? Well… when I say he was in touch what I meant to say was that one of his team sent me an e-mail… well when I say one of his team sent me an e-mail what I meant was that one of his agencies sent me an e-mail… well when I say… OK let’s stop there I’ll revisit this stream of consciousness at the end of this post).

OK where was I?

Oh yes Bjorn.

Shell are hosting what looks like a very interesting web chat on November 19th 2008 on Communicating Sustainability. There are two sessions to choose from one at 6am GMT and one at 4pm GMT (11am Eastern). Note that you have to register to get into the details and I am less than impressed that they wouldn’t accept my fantastic hotmail address. 🙂

The webchat will be led by Bjorn and will include a number of members of his team at Shell. You can watch a brief preview video outlining some of the issues around communicating sustainability on the site.

I think it’s a very interesting approach and is definitely worth a visit to anyone involved in communications around the whole area of the environment, sustainability etc… eh that probably means everyone in PR…



If you’re wondering what the mindless preamble at the top of this post is all about, let me try and explain.  The invitation e-mail came from “Bjorn”, but actually came from a anonymous Shell alias – which is OK -  and then at the foot of the mail just under “Bjorn” there was a signature from a guy at a company called SigWatch which from their web site: “specializes in activist/NGO tracking”, which I have to say a) threw me and b) put me off somewhat.

I do think it’s an interesting initiative and as least they got the name of the blog right in their mail merge, but why not just send the e-mail from someone at Shell without the alias and sigwatch signature? Odd. Otherwise I’m impressed with their idea.