The life of the indignant comment spammer

A rather amusing incident occurred today. I was beavering away on one of my work related blogs when within minutes of a post going live, a new comment appeared.

The comment was relevant to the post, but then I noticed that the “commenter’s” URL was clearly comment spam – I obviously won’t reproduce it here.


Now I had heard that spammers were circumventing technologies like Captchas (a technology which stops spammers doing automated sign ups) by employing lowly paid humans to physically register for hundreds of web sites – they’re called Captcha Solvers.

But I hadn’t come across blog spam solvers, but they’re out there.

Anyhow, I deleted/declined the comment and within seconds received an incredibly indignant reply querying why I had declined a relevant comment and suggesting I should change my mind.

Needless to say a quick challenge on the URL omitted no further response.

Clearly there are now armies of blog spam solvers monitoring RSS feeds and diving in with “relevant” comments with spam URLs.

Innovation is alive and well… even if it’s unpleasant.