Anxiety, why you should sleep on it and how bad news travels…

I was in a great all-day meeting today…. it’s not often that I’d put those words in that order. But it was a great meeting (are you allowed by positive about anything anymore?).  During the day I heard a fantastic definition of anxiety, which I thought was apt given the current economic gloom:


“Anxiety is excitement, but without the breathing.”


Speaking of anxiety…

Todd Defren has a post from earlier in the week, that if I was being very kind, I’d excuse as being a knee jerk response to a bad business event.  In what I’d describe as a “race to the bottom” he’s rushed a post entitled: “Cut the PR agency, are you sure about that?”.

Sometimes it’s better to sleep on those posts.

Frank Shaw has an interesting response to Noam Cohen’s piece in the New York Times – on how misinformation travels quickly around the Interweb – with some good common sense guidance.


Well at least it’s the weekend 🙂