PR blog posts crash and Is my work here complete?…

I’m delighted to report that wading through my RSS reader this evening was a lot less stressful than usual. 

It appears that the combination of the US presidential election and the continuing global economic uncertainty have combined to reduce the volume of PR blog posts this week…

Or… maybe neither events have anything to do with it. Who knows? In fact who cares? Probably no one.

While the post volume is down overall, I have noticed that the self-promotion quota of the PR blogosphere is climbing steadily.

Now we all know that self praise is no praise. I’ll say no more on the subject. (I’m great by the way..)

Time to archive the blog?

Now gentle reader, after over six and a half years blogging inane drivel for my “micro-audience” – to use “marketing 2.0” segmentation terminology- I think my work on the blogosphere may be complete.

I have an incredible amount of respect for Steve Rubel.  He has done a fantastic job evangelizing how new media can, is and will impact Public Relations.  His hard work and dedication has had a real tangible effect on PR people’s knowledge of “Web 2.0.”.

But, Steve’s weakness – and I’m sure he would acknowledge it himself – is that sometimes he gets a little too close to the hyperbole machine. It’s not criminal but I sometimes think it dilutes the value of his message.

Well, Steve is interviewed on and I don’t know how to say this… but… I agree with his views in the article.

He’s preaching:

  • Evolution of PR and marketing not revolution
  • He’s talking about starting with understanding your audience
  • He’s even stated the press release isn’t dead (yet).

"I see press releases having an important role in a few areas," he says. "First of all, they communicate a message very quickly to the press, which is something that a blog or a feed really can’t do. And they reach a large number of people, particularly investors. Also, they can have a high impact on search engines, and I think that’s important to look at."

Ladies and gentlemen my work here is done.

I’m not sure there’s much point in continuing, it’ll all be an anticlimax from here 🙂

You will be relieved to know that there is one tiny little thing that I do feel compelled to comment on though.

What exactly does a “Director of Insights” do for a living?