Hello World…

I’ve been travelling quite a bit recently (and as many people ask, I’m delighted to report that the Heathrow issue didn’t arise this time around so hopefully that chapter is behind me) and the past week has been a little hectic so I haven’t been keeping on top of my RSS feeds…

Reviewing my feeds today the most interesting thing I noticed was that there was a distinct lack of outrage and hyperbole.  What’s going on? 🙂


  • Kevin Dugan argues speed isn’t everything. He’s right.
  • There’s an interesting, post by Jason Baer on research from Sapient on chief marketing officer’s’ wish list for their agencies of the future – nothing terribly unexpected but interesting nonetheless. [Thanks to Andrew B. Smith for the link.]
  • I think if you do any public speaking at all, then you can never read up enough on the subject. Barbara Nixon offers tips for powerful presentation.
  • Shel is unhappy with poor punctuation. (I love Eats, Shoots & Leaves)
  • This Gary Vaynerchuk talk is, eh interesting.  I’d never heard of him before, he paints an interesting, if not terribly appealing picture of building a successful brand online.  One thing I do agree with him about, is the importance of passion – not just online but in every aspect of your professional life.  You can’t fake passion.

Hat tip to Damien.