New PR firm… social media echo chamber… when e-mail goes bad and blog badges..

A big congratulations to Stephen Davies on his brave new venture, he’s set up his own PR firm 3WPR. You can read the announcement here, and Stephen’s blog post on the new venture here. I wish him the very best of luck!

I found myself nodding in agreement with Jonathan Trenn‘s editorial on ZDNet: Echo Chamber: Social media strategists are talking to themselves.

So how does this effect social media? It shows that, like Pandora, we’re going to have to learn our way on effectively building relationships with clients, agencies, and other key stakeholders in this unexplored territory. We’re going to have to learn how to dynamically position in the disparate roles we’ll be playing. We’re going to have to find our voices beyond the conversation we have with one another. Otherwise, it won’t be enough.

Hear hear! [Link courtesy of Trevor Cook]

Shel Holtz shares a cautionary tale of how a draft e-mail sent to the wrong people can cause a major crisis.

Todd Defren is offering bloggers some free badges to let PR people know if they’re open to pitching or not.  It’s a nice idea though I fear that it won’t stem the flow of ill-judged PR spam…