PR firms are bad, your personal brand, crisis communications, Apple the best at PR and how Dell is using social media….


Greetings, it’s been quiet for a week which of course means my life hasn’t been… Here’s some tidbits I found waiting in my RSS reader….


Jason Calacanis offers some advice to start-ups on how to get good PR: fire the PR agency. Mmmm. While the posts does offer some good advice, and some common sense, I don’t buy the message. As usual with blogs we’re dealing with sweeping generalizations. There’s a lot of good reasons why companies of all sizes engage Public Relations agencies. His post doesn’t change those in my mind.   Todd Defren and Morgan McLintic offer a defense. [Bonus link: Todd has a link to some videos on the changing delivery of news and information].



And you know you should always kick the dog when it’s down, so from Richard Bailey I read that Guy Kingston in the UK has launched a search for Britain’s worst Public Relations agent.  I’ve a feeling that’s one PR award ceremony that won’t have the table bookings flooding in. He’s also published his nine signs of a bad PR agent including: they demand to be paid by the hour rather than quote for a job; they do not set specific objectives; they start doing their own thing rather than what you asked them to do; they boast about big-name contacts and they blame the client when things go wrong.  You can read all nine at his site.



Whatever the merits of the changes we’re seeing online.  One of the things that has changed is the important of your online brand.  What do people find when they search for your name online – particularly if you have a particularly popular name (popular now, not common 🙂 ).  Brian Solis has a two part post on the the issue here and here.



The PR Week blog competition enters the final eight. Some expected finalists and some that frankly are a bit of a surprise.



Kami Huyse shares her presentation on savvy communication at the time of crisis and her 3 Rs of Crisis Management: Research, Response, and Recovery. Kami also has a great post on building quality relationships online.



Next Fifteen’s Tim Dyson ran a poll on his blog to find out who his readers think does the best tech PR. The answer? Nor surprisingly Apple comes out on top.



Neville Hobson has an interesting video interview with Andy Lark of Dell discussing how they are using social media.