Listen to me: *This* blog will change the face of PR

Well, it probably won’t.

More’s the pity 🙂

So is it just me, or are you tired of the digerati claiming that every shiny new web page will change the world as we know it?

Are you bored yet?

Personally speaking, I’m not sure Steve Rubel is helping his non-digerati credibility rating* with headlines like:

“Friendfeed will Change Journalism, PR and Marketing”

This line may sum it up:


The reason is Friendfeed. I have become hopelessly addicted to the site. I am sharing a lot of links there that I don’t pump into or Twitter, so I recommend picking up my aggregate lifestream feed here. However, if you just want my blog posts, no worries, that feed continues to syndicate.


I’m not an expert, but is it a good idea to take advice on something from an addict?

Of course maybe Steve’s right but when I generally listen to all this hyperbole, I am reminded of a great saying:


“A broken clock is right twice a day”


I’m sure that if you post this stuff regularly you’re bound to hit pay dirt eventually.

What do I know, I thought RSS was going to “change the face of “ about six years ago… that’s when I gave up on the forecasting business.


Reader Warning:

*There is a chance that the “non-digerati credibility rating” will change the face of journalism, PR and marketing