Plain speaking, ethical, hip but mad as a badger…

You’re celebrating what?

I touched on this earlier in the week but we really need to start providing some perspective when talking about the impact of <insert online buzz word here> on communication.  There are still a couple of people who shower, dress, go out of the house and listen to the radio.

This is all about balance, let’s not lose perspective. 

My job involves online communication or conversation or whatever you want to call it, but traditional communication still rules the roost (in my little world).

In the same way, PR people are often accused of using business speak rather than using plain simple English. [Hence the creation of tools such as  Bullfighter]

I don’t mean to be rude but to me this is an example that brings both strands together rather nicely… and not necessarily in a good way.


Fascinating to see the ways in which the idea of community is taking shape these days: business communities, where customers come together to interact with companies and brands; communities of giving, communities of technologists, and of everyday people who are passionately interested in anything from epic literature to even their credit scores.


Now stop me here if I’ve missed something.  But is this post just about what in the dark ages before 1995 we old people called a “party”?

Haven’t communities been around since we climbed down from the trees?

As I said maybe it’s me.


What makes you think about ethics?

Kami Huyse wants your help pulling together some ideas on how to get communicators to think about ethical behaviour.


The in-crowd…

I don’t know why I found this amusing… but I did…

OK, OK, I know why I found it amusing.

From Gaping Void via Themenblog.


Approaching bloggers

Dustin Wax at Lifehack posts How to get a blogger to promote your product.


New PR podcast (to me)

The Publicity Show… Lee Kantor and Elizabeth Gordon interview PR and media practitioners. (I realise that everyone probably already knows about it, but I didn’t and it’s my blog 🙂 )


“Mad as Badgers”…. well it is Friday….

Via Colin McKay