Three PR/Smeedia Shorts…

1) Kami Huyse has posted an analysis of a joint Brodeur-Marketwire survey  on reporters’ view of social media. 


2) Brian Solis has written his second PR feature in as many weeks for TechCrunch this time focusing on "PR secrets for start-ups".

Public Relations is experiencing a long overdue renaissance and its forcing PR stereotypes out from behind the curtain where they operated comfortably for far too many decades. It didn’t begin this transformation because of Web 2.0 or the latest Social Media wave, but instead in the 90’s when the Web gained mass adoption. Yes, it’s taken that long and it will continue to evolve over the next decade as communications professionals struggle with putting the public back in public relations.

3) Steve Rubel points to a post by Erick Dafforn on how Tumblr (an online mini-blogging service I wasn’t aware of) responded via social media such as FriendFeed and Del.icio,us to a customer issue/concern.  Interesting.