Flacks need to lighten up…

Interesting post by Bernard Lunn on ReadWriteWeb regarding how PR people need to adapt to meet a changing world, with different expectations.

…The Internet makes command and control models pretty obsolete. Sure, some data has to be controlled. The financial results for a public company need to be issued in a certain way to comply with SEC regulations. But that’s about it. Whether you use a newswire service or your blog, the key is lighten up on the process and get into the flow. That flow may be a blog, or Twitter, or Facebook or any of the above and more. The general point is simply about availability and transparency.

If you really have a great story to tell, that will get even the most jaded journalist interested.

Public relations needs to evolve from gatekeeper and process manager to coach, helping the front line managers work effectively with media and the market. That assumes that their clients are enlightened enough to give them that mandate.

Worth a read.

By the way the comments have the usual mix of interesting, irrelevant and ignorant comments, though as always, worth a browse!