Survey reveals how teenagers are communicating…

I find it quite disturbing that the further away you move from your teenage years, the more you become like your parents, even though you were always adamant you’d remain hip and cool when you got older….

Anyway, enough of my personal struggles, on to more interesting, though related, matters…

Habbo, the virtual world for teenagers, has released a global study on the communications preferences for 11-18 year olds.

They surveyed over 58,000 teenagers around the world and the findings are very interesting…

  • 76% use instant messaging (#1) to stay in touch with friends online.
  • 72% hold e-mail accounts, though it’s used for more formal communication with parents and employers (or old farts like you and me).
  • 40% do not view social networks as an important part of their communications mix.

The major growth area since the last survey two years ago is mobile.

  • 71% listen to music on their mobile phone (up from 38%)
  • 70% use their phones to take photos and video (up from 11%)
  • 64% play games on their mobile (up from 14%)
  • 25% use their mobiles for web access, e-mail and instant messaging
  • Nokia is the number one mobile brand – but Sony Ericsson and Samsung are catching up.

It seems to me – and maybe I’m wrong – but there’s a lot of blog post inches dedicated to the brave new world of Web 2.0, but very little discussion on how the growth in more powerful mobile devices will impact how people of all ages find and share information. It’s a big area and a big part of the changes we’re seeing.

It probably deserves more respect – and look on the bright side there’s loads of opportunity for blog hype….



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