And you thought managing press lists was complex…

Brian Solis writes about the impact of  “Web 2.0” on Public Relations.

While I sometimes think that Brian is in danger of veering into the world of the bubble, his writing is always interesting, thought provoking and worth a read.

His latest post talks about how content and conversations move to where people see value and as a result we can expect social media to continue to fragment.

A potential nightmare scenario for the poor overworked PR professional.

Brian has also mapped his social network:

I have to go and lie down, I think my eyes are bleeding…

Don’t get me wrong, this inter-relationship of outlets, media, channels, tools and sites is very interesting.

We should all be tuned into to this discussion.

We are seeing some very interesting examples of how social media is helping businesses, groups and individuals.

But I’m still struggling to see how “normal” people will have the time and interest to maintain 30+ online channels, in addition to having a life and doing 5-10 minutes work during the day.

I think we have some way to go. I hope it’ll become a little easier. I know it’ll have to become a lot clearer.