PR & Twitter…

I have spent a lot of time knocking Twitter over the past twelve months. (In fact I think it’s fair to say that I’ve probably been less than complimentary about it in every single talk I’ve given…)

About a month ago, I decided to delve a little deeper into it.  I downloaded some software and have been lurking ever since. (Not very Web 2.0 of me I admit).

It’s certainly interesting.  There’s some good discussion and you get a lot of fantastic links to information, blog posts etc. You could think of it as an additional "RSS" feed if you like.

Having said that, I haven’t yet mastered the whole "participation" element. I am still struggling with yet another channel, more information and I’m not sure I have anything terribly interesting to add in between e-mail, RSS, meetings etc. But that’s a work in progress….

The reason for the post, is that if like me, you still don’t get Twitter then there’s two interesting posts about how Twitter might be useful from a PR perspective – I think the jury is still out on the longevity of the medium, but these are worth a read in terms of putting some perspective on how Twitter can help in online communication/networking:

I will never tire of saying that you need to build your network, and its trust in you, before it can work for you. Any venture into Twitter starts with a small network, and an unclear view of how you will get value. However, as you stay with it, and find more relevant contacts through your current group.

For me the biggest issue remains time.  The biggest challenge of "Web 2.0" (sigh) isn’t "…the death of <fill in your choice here>" but rather the management of time, resources and brain power.

Twitter is certainly interesting and *perhaps* it  will become an essential for all PR pros.

In the meantime I need to start thinking what I’ll get rid of.