The changing world of journalism

My online (self) interest isn’t necessarily focused on the widgets or the hyperbole, but more about where we’re headed and how it’ll look when we get there.

There’s no doubt our world is changing, but the big questions is how?*

My view is that while the Internet is heavily laden with people’s opinions, it’s light on facts.

PR firm Brodeur conducted a survey (PDF Press Release – sigh…) of 180 journalists and their views of the impact of blogs on traditional news coverage.

Some findings:

  • Blogs are a regular source for journalists (75%)
  • A quarter of journalists have blogs (28%)
  • The majority believe blogs are having an impact

Some may view this as the online equivalent of surveying turkeys on Christmas, but I don’t.

I still (currently) believe that ultimately we’ll see a re-balancing of online and off-line but we won’t see the death of either.

Chris Thilk has a very interesting post on the report.


*It goes without saying, but I’ll type it anyway: I don’t buy the PR doomsday scenario.