A thought for September…

It’s September 2007. What’s that all about?

The years are just whizzing by.  If you don’t stop for a moment, have a look around, and enjoy the moment, it just slides by.

We are living in a pretty interesting time from a “media” perspective.  Every organisation is having to learn to deal with new media while successfully managing the traditional elements of their business.

That’s pretty interesting in my book.

Unfortunately there’s also a lot of noise that doesn’t really deserve the bandwidth, but that’s the beauty of this new media I suppose.

Don’t believe the hype – unless your audience tells you otherwise.

Some things remain true regardless of the media or channel. 

For example good communication is just that, regardless whether it’s at a bus stop, pitching to a beat reporter or writing on a blog.

Want to become a trusted advisor or expert in these interesting times? Then be realistic. Don’t over promise, don’t believe the hype and don’t spoof.

Focus on your personal productivity.  How are you managing your information overload?

Finally, don’t be too precious. Get over yourself. Spam happens, bad pitches happen, bad advertising happens. As Shel outlines, this is life, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. 

The more we all take a deep breath and think about what we’re doing, the more we’ll enjoy the moment, be successful and build for the future.

There are too many evangelists, and grumpy bloggers out there.  Avoid them and focus on what matters.