PR and HR… the rebel alliance…

MyRagan’s fictional blogger Cassandra has a recent diatribe on her dealings with HR which has generated a lot of discussion on the site.

The post was well timed because the relationship between PR and HR is something I have been thinking about for some time.

However, I think I am coming to it from a different angle! 🙂

PR people often have a unique perspective across the depth and breadth of an organization.  Our work with different divisions and departments gives us excellent visibility and one of the only other departments that has that reach is HR.

Whether working in-house or on the agency side I have always found that HR is a fantastic partner.  Often our objectives are aligned and the HR folks can provide additional perspective that is an incredible asset for any PR practitioner.

The reality today is that people are the number one asset for every company on the planet – and people are at the centre of any successful PR campaign.

For me a strong working relationship with HR is an absolutely non-negotiable for PR. Building that relationship is essential for every PR practitioner whether you are in-house or on the agency side. The benefits, from better insight into internal challenges to increased PR opportunities are worth every minute of your time.

My advice is understand HR’s challenges and objectives.  Align yourself with them and you will create a fantastic environment which will have a positive impact on your internal and external communications programmes.

It’s all about building a strong partnership. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.