Do you want to SuperSize that PR Campaign?

Jeremiah Owyang spotted a new store on his way to work.  It sits in a row of other shops. 

But this one is a little different.

It’s not selling stationery, sandwiches or coffee.  Nope, it’s selling PR.

The PR Store is a franchise offering small businesses marketing, PR and advertising solutions.

Clever idea. 

I know there will be much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth – but that’s life. 

Although I like the brand, delving into the web site, it’s probably a little simplistic.  The reality is that when you look at their site, it appears that the actual “PR” offered is only one of many menu items from flyers to brochures and logos. It’s Kinkos with a press release!

For example under the category: “Press Releases” (ahem) they detail their PR services:

  • Read-All-About-It! Press Releaseâ„¢
  • Profile Feature Articleâ„¢
  • Informer Press Kitsâ„¢
  • MAXimum Impact Article Reprintsâ„¢
  • OP-ED It! Editorial Articlesâ„¢

The trademarks are all theirs 🙂

Maybe we’ll see a new career ladder emerge where you start out taking orders at the PR Store and migrate to a large agency over time – the equivalent of starting in a fast food restaurant and working your way to an establishment with a Michelin star 🙂

Fair play to them.

A quick request to the PR community, can we keep the wailing and disgust to a minimum?

Hat tip to Mike Manuel.