PR: Ying + Yang is the discussion

I was watching Ray Ozzie’s keynote at the Microsoft MIX 07 event in Las Vegas this week and one of his opening comments struck a chord:

I’ve been fortunate enough to have survived five major platform shifts over the course of my career, and in each case at the beginning of an era, somebody took that extreme position.  And in each case, when all was said and done, it just never quite seemed to work out that way.  The pendulum certainly did swing, and disruption certainly did occur for those who had their heads in the sand about the capabilities of a new technology, but in each case, as things ultimately settled out, the best solutions were integrated solutions that would bring together the best of one world with the best of the other.


I think this is equally valid when it comes to Public Relations. 

We are facing change – and the few who ignore it will suffer – but what will emerge is an integration of our traditional Public Relations tools and techniques married to the best that the online world has to offer.

The most interesting discussion for PR today is not how the Interweb is changing PR.  Rather it is about how we build integrated campaigns that bring together the best of both worlds.

It’s not necessarily a discussion about finding time, budget and resources for Web 2.0. Rather it is a discussion on how we can build one campaign with online and offline elements.

Now that’s an interesting discussion.