PR: Asking questions isn't terminal…

Isn’t it funny how a little web application can set the InterWeb all a flutter?

The bets are on, some people believe Twitter’s great, some people believe it’s a waste of time and some are making me laugh out loud.

However, I was somewhat surprised to see David Parmet’s post – as I have a lot of time for his opinions – who has taken exception to this post from Clive Armitage.

I actually disagree with the Rex Hammock post, that David references. Rex states that there’s no need for discussion on Twitter because you can ignore it.

The fact is that a lot people are falling all over themselves about it, so it’s equally valid for people to question if it’s as important as people are making out.

In fact they (or should that be “we”!) are doing everyone a favour by questioning the validity of the claims being made about Twitter.

[Disclaimer: I use Twitter by the way. But not every fifteen seconds.]

Earlier this week in Newcastle I had some fun with Jangles [a.k.a Neville] about his Twitter habits. 

Debate is good and healthy.

Where, in my opinion, David steps over the mark, is this:

The problem with most PR people and PR agencies in general. The “I don’t get it so I’ll just ignore it” syndrome that’s led many agencies down the road to extinction.



How can a post where someone offers an opinion that they don’t really understand what the fuss is about mean their on the “road to extinction”.

Give me a break.

So I’m a big old dinosaur as well am I?

It’s VITAL that we question the validity of this new stuff both for our clients and ourselves.

No one is going to be extinct because they don’t see the value in Twitter posts.

No one is wrong to promote or dismiss the validity of a bloody web applet.

Let’s keep this discussion in the real world. I’m only interested in how the new online world is going to effect the work I do for my client or employer.  If I disagree with the pundits who believe that a new widget is changing the world as we know it, my opinion is as valid as theirs.

I stand over my record on new technology – it’s well documented. I welcome debate, but I’ll call out something if I don’t see the value or understand the value and that doesn’t mean I’m stupid or becoming extinct.

It means I’m human.

It’s time we all came down off the moral high ground.