Old media stuff…

As a follow on to my last post, here are a couple of examples of people thinking about integration rather than apocalypse when it comes to new and old media. 

This is where the interesting discussion is, not in statements with the words “old” “dead” Media” and “is”.

  • Gary Goldhammer has a great post on the challenges facing the LA Times and how they’re planning to address the online, offline differences.

WHETHER THIS SHIFT WILL give reporters more job security and help bring The Times into the 21st Century is a question we will see answered in public – or as the tired cliché goes, in “real time” (as opposed to what, fake time?) We will see the triumphs and the failures, the true innovations and, I hope, the leadership I expect from a newspaper that needs to convince itself there are more days ahead than behind.


  • Finally Brian Solis offers a guide to writing a social media release.



The beauty of the online world is the ability to find information, and for information to find you.  Here’s a great thoughful piece on the future of newspapers from Jon Harmon – added to the blogroll.