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Do blogs actually work?

Many of you who read this blog a couple of times a year will know that I prefer to take a pragmatic approach to “new” media.

I still haven’t upgraded for a second life, I love the press release (well maybe love is too strong a word) and I love the feeling of newsprint. Of course I see the potential of blogs, podcasts, RSS etc., but I don’t subscribe to those who do the cyber equivalent of wearing a sandwich board with “The End of the World (or traditional media) is Nigh”.

At any “New” PR conference I attend, you invariably get asked the question “it’s all very interesting but when will it go mainstream”.  And of course the answer is different for every country and market segment. Although there’s no question that the two biggest early adoptor “segments” are technology and politics.

Interestingly, a former colleague, who works at a reasonably sized tech firm told me yesterday that they did detailed analysis on product downloads over the past six months – we’re talking relatively large volumes – and they were staggered with the findings.

Over 40% of their product downloads came directly from a blog link.

Now that’s impressive – and not a sandiwch board in sight….



Jennifer McClure has a good piece in the Bulldog Reporter offering some tips for PR people who have to deal with (ahem) Web 2.0.  I’d love to know what people think of Katie Payne’s comment at the end of the piece.  Opportunistic or self serving advertising? You decide….

Written by Tom Murphy

January 18, 2007 at 8:12 am

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