Best Profnet Queries for 2006

I’m a sucker for creativity, so kudos to New York-based PR Firm Morris + King who have sent out a press release naming the top ten Profnet queries during 2006.  For the uninitiated, Profnet is a service offered by PR Newswire, where journalist submit requests for information or leads for upcoming features. I assume it’s real and in any case it made me smile.

10. Naked Workouts—New York Times (US) I’m doing a story on nude sports—that is, people who exercise in the buff (i.e., in college you see ‘naked lacrosse’ and such). A strange question, I know, but are there any health or physical benefits to this? No phone calls, please. I’m a freelancer.

9. NON-EXPERT: Lemonade and Kidney Stones—First for Women (US) I’m looking for women (ages 25-50) who drink lemonade to relieve pain associated with their kidney stones. If interested, please e-mail me a summary of your experience and photo as soon as possible. 06:00 PM US/Eastern JUN 08

8. MEDICINE: How To Fight Against Indestructible Head Lice—Univision (US) Lice are becoming indestructible. Scientists believe that 80 percent of the bugs are immune to over-the-counter lotions. They found lice were untroubled by the chemicals permathrin and phenothrin, found in popular bug-busting brands. The experts say the process of natural selection means the insects have developed a resistance to the lotions. The findings will not just leave children, parents and teachers scratching their heads. It will almost certainly start a scramble to discover a lotion to do the job better. How to fight against head lice now? We won’t make phone calls or interviews—just need experts to tell us by e-mail how to prevent pediculosis and which treatment is effective against head bugs. 01:00 AM US/Eastern JUN 22

7. TODAY/BEHAVIOR: Shrink—Star Magazine (US) I need a shrink to read something a woman wrote and tell me what they think it means. 03:00 PM US/Eastern JUL 20

6. BEHAVIOR: Barbie Mutilated?—Exit Weekly (US/NJ) Ever own a Barbie? Or maybe your sister did. Recent reports have concluded that many children do not regard Barbie as their idol, but rather something to be destroyed or defaced. Have any keen memories of destroying your Barbie or a sibling’s? Share. Bonus if you’re from New Jersey, our local area. 03:00 PM US/Eastern JAN 04

5. NON-EXPERT: Know a Jerk?—Author (US) Tell me about the biggest jerk you know personally, in 200 words or less, for inclusion in a book proposal about the villains in our lives. Go ahead and vent. Names will be changed. 12:00 PM US/Eastern FEB 21

4. CHARITIES: Equine Charities—Horse Illustrated magazine For Horse Illustrated magazine, I’m writing an article on equine charities throughout the world; what they are about and what issues they are currently tackling. Nov 02, 2006 18:11 PM EST(America/New_York)

3. LIVING: Got Poop?—News Journal (US/DE) What’s with all the pooper scoopers? Is this the end of civilization as we know it, or what we’ve always longed for? A lifestyle reporter with Delaware’s largest daily seeks serious and not-so-serious experts to talk about the explosion of personal services, especially the pooper scooper type. No phone calls, please. 06:00 PM US/Eastern JUL 03

2. FEATURES: Plumbers and Paparazzi Photographers Unite—First for Women For an article that is not strange in the slightest, I need to speak with both a plumber or anyone who knows how to unclog a toilet, and a paparazzi photographer or anyone else who spends time trespassing. I’m happy to answer questions about the article and would love to have something set up by the end of the week. Nov 17, 2006 05:00 PM

1. BOOSTER: Ob/Gyn, Tech Guru, Dog Trainer—First for Women I’m working on a story where I’ll need an ob/gyn, a tech guru and a dog trainer to comment on very specific situations in their area of expertise (tips on how to tell if a woman is pregnant without asking, how to ensure e-mail gets sent to the right recipient, and how to teach your dog not to jump on others). Deadline is this week. Thank you in advance to those who respond, but only the three who most fit my needs will be contacted. Nov 01, 2006 12:11 PM EST(America/New_York)