Delivering the New PR… a retrospective

Well the “Delivering the New PR” series came to an end in London last week.  It was our fifth event and the last in the present series.  The good news is that we do plan to prepare for our difficult “second series” 🙂 .

I’ve really enjoyed the events.  It’s a testament to Philip Young and the University of Sunderland that he was able to pull together five strangers who had only met via their blogs and deliver a seminar series that hit the mark in terms of bringing all these new technologies to PR people across the UK – according to the feedback forms we got anyway!

It’s been a treat to spend time and share ideas with Chris, ElizabethNevillePhilip and Stuart and a pleasure to enjoy the organizational capabilities of Nicky and Andy at Don’t Panic. [Unfortunately Elizabeth couldn’t attend on Friday – but for a great reason!]

London’s event was both enjoyable and interesting.  There was a lot of great discussion and debate across a diverse crowd of 120 attendees ranging from people with little or no knowledge of blogs and RSS to others already pitching “new media” – urrggghhh 🙂

The questions were, as usual, excellent and I was delighted to hear a nice level of scepticism which is no harm when you’re dealing with a subject that can get a little out of hand in the online world.

Second Life* continues to plague me.  There was a lot of engagement around Second Life and what it can do.  It ranged from people who thought it was ridiculous to those already converted to their virtual life (and I’m not just talking about Neville).  Second Life has the knack to creating debate – which is no bad thing.

I still have an open mind on it, but I’m not completely convinced.  For me it’s still the new new thing. But I’m delighted that people like Georg, Kami and Neville are keeping an eye on it for me, and if it does become mainstream you just know I’ll be writing a post about how I spotted it’s potential before anyone else 🙂

So farewell to “Delivering the New PR” Mark 1, hopefully Mark 2 will enjoy similar success, drive similar debate and be equally enjoyable.

There are loads of commentary from Friday’s event, here’s a selection:

*Bloody Second Life: OK, I signed up.  What’s with the stupid surname? What can’t I be myself? Urrrgghhh…