It's PR Jim… just as we know it…

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you read other PR blogs. 

If that’s the case it’s probably fair to assume that you know there’s a lot of interesting online developments out there that promise to have a major impact on how we communicate – all of us, not just PR pros.

However, the problem is that we still don’t know how a lot of this technology will actually change communications in the long-run.

Luckily some kind-hearted folks such as Trevor Cook are taking the time to provide a gentle introduction to the tools that are already emerging.

Others, such as Todd Defren are already seeing these new “media” outlets creating unexpected client issues.

Hysterical discussions of “old” media going away should be avoided – it’s not reality, but there are changes coming and where are audience go, we must follow.  It’s fair to say that there’s not enough audience-centric discussion going on at the moment – but then we don’t have the answers.

I echo Mason Cole’s thoughts on Todd’s issue above:

I need to adapt better to all this.  We all do.  It’s where the industry is moving.


We all need to adapt but there’s still time.  Focus on the channels that are already popular, namely blogs, podcasts, RSS, search engines etc., get out and talk to your audience.  Are they engaging in the “online conversation”? That’s the acid test. It’s not too late, you haven’t missed anything.

We should all keep an open mind, remain inquisitive, don’t be afraid of new things, and get involved where it makes sense.  Sounds like good ‘ole PR to me.


Trevor also has a link to a great piece from the UK Daily Telegraph on how we’re all becoming big babies.  This is something that has annoyed me for quite some time.  I disagree with the nanny state, that’s why we have free will.  Since when do we all expect to be spoon fed?  Grow up and get over it – that’s life 🙂