The key, the sink and the heir…

Things have been quiet on the blog recently.  There’s an easy explanation – I was on vacation and have been trying to get back on an even keel since I returned.  Of course what happened the day before I went on vacation was far more stressful than coming back to a full in-box…

Friday before vacation was the usual rush to make sure everything was done, handed off, prepared etc. I had meetings all morning and when I checked my muted mobile phone for the first time at around 1pm I spotted about seven missed calls from Sorcha – not a good sign.

I transpired that my son and heir (aged 2.5 years) decided that it would be a great idea to investigate how keys can lock doors and he managed to lock Sorcha in our bedroom.  That would’ve been OK, except that her mobile and the cordless home phone were downstairs.

A full half hour tutorial on how to unlock a door followed, but the little man was unable (or unwilling) to complete his training, got bored and decided to go into the bathroom, put the plug in the sink and see how long it would take for the water to reach the overflow hole – not long as it transpired.

Meanwhile, Sorcha is hanging out of our bedroom window trying to attract the attention of passers-by. No luck. An hour later he’s back at the bedroom door telling Mum he’s a little wet but is going downstairs.

Then the electricity in the house goes out.

Half an hour later, Sorcha manages to grab the attention of a lovely man driving a truck, who kindly throws his mobile phone up to Sorcha, who is then able to call someone (not the errant husband who has his mobile on silent, but that’s another story) to let her out.

Meanwhile the bathroom is under water, the electricity is blown and the kitchen has become a wet room with a destroyed ceiling and walls. But on the plus side has a fantastic internal waterfall feature – think a rainforest in your kitchen.

Junior is alive and well, so when you consider the potential outcomes I think we got off lightly.  For parents – remember to keep the keys away from the toddlers….  oh and if your mobile is on silent – check it from time to time….