Edinburgh done – London to-do

Unfortunately this post was delayed much longer than I’d hoped but at least now I’ve more content to link to!

Last week’s event in Edinburgh went very well.  There was great engagement from the audience and, as always, it was fantastic to catch up with Chris, Elizabeth, Neville, Philip and Stuart.

  • Listen to Neville’s podcast with a number of the delegates including Andrea Conway, Scott Douglas, David Connor and Adrian Mahoney.
  • Listen to Neville’s MP3 of a brief closing discussion with himself, Philip, Stuart and myself.
  • Read Neville’s post on the event.
  • Read Philip’s post.
  • Read Stuart’s post.

Just as we’ve finished Edinburgh we’ve agreed to do one final event in the “Delivering New PR” series.  It’ll take place in London on Friday, November 10th 2006 in the Marriott Hotel, Regents Park.  Following that event we’re going to review the event, content and format with a view to launching a follow up series in 2007.  The event is being organised by the ever efficient Nicky and Andy at Don’t Panic Projects.

You can find out more here.

Q & A's

Questions and hopefully some answers… (L-R: Philip, Stuart, Tom, Elizabeth and Neville)

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