The blog fad and the green-eyed PR monster

Richard Bailey writes in defence of the blog following yet another swipe at the genre from CIPR chief Colin Farrington. I’m all for pragmatism.  I don’t buy the hype, but then I don’t buy the opposite argument either. 

Blogs are here to stay but like any good visitor they’ll stay alongside the original residents – in this case traditional media channels. [Aside: I abhor the MSM moniker]

I thought the comments to the post were quite interesting.  It appears there’s a few people around the blogosphere – no doubt rabid blog enthusiasts – who are dying for Edelman to fail in their new media experiment.  I don’t understand that.

Now don’t get me wrong, Richard Edelman’s recent preponderance for slipping into politics, name dropping or self-pontification isn’t something I support, but I think Edelman should be praised for their willingness to commit real resources into these new media opportunities.

They are one of very few firms that is taking the potential of online communication seriously.  Anyone working in PR and interested in online communication should applaud that – IMHO. [By the way it appears that many of Edelman’s greatest detractors are annonymous – my new policy is that there’s no link love for the annonymous]. Phil Gomes has an interesting look back at his first year at Edelman.

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