PR Opinions closes its door…

[Cross-Posted from PR Opinions] The PR Opinions blog first emerged blinking into the bright lights of the Interweb in March 2002. In the intervening four years (and over 1,400 posts), this blog has witnessed some incredibly interesting developments in the world of Public Relations and it has helped me to meet and connect with like-minded practitioners around the globe.

However, it’s time to make a change.

When I started PR Opinions there were only three other PR blogs [Jim, Phil and Richard] and I started it simply as a way to store links to interesting online PR content – 2002 style if you like. Today there are over 400 PR blogs, generating an amazing amount of content and opinions on the PR arena. PR Opinions’ raison d’etre is no longer valid.

So it’s time for a change. I’m putting PR Opinions in mothballs and moving to a shiny new blog which will continue to discuss the finer elements of Public Relations, still moan at the hype, but will also cover more diverse subjects that take my fancy.

My mother’s already changed her RSS feed subscription so I imagine traffic levels will remain unchanged. I’ve migrated all the archived PR Opinions posts and comments to a WordPress blog at:

I’ve already disabled the comments feature at due to the volume of spam.

If you’d like to make a comment feel free to leave one here.

Thanks to everyone who made PR Opinions so enjoyable, I hope you’ll stick around.

Tom Murphy

17th August, 2006


New PR Opinions Archive:

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