Windows Live Writer

The latest release out of the Windows Live stable is a beta of Windows Live Writer, a new desktop application for publishing blog posts (and in the future potentially other forms of online content).

Setting aside the fact that the product is from my employer, it’s an interesting application.  It supports all the major blog platforms (WordPress, Moveable Type, Spaces etc.) and along with all the usual formatting options you’d expect, it adds a range of other useful features including the spell checker, WYSIWYG editing and the automatic capability to upload photos to your blog and then add effects to them.

For example:

It also allows you to insert Windows Live Maps and with the release of a Software Development Kit it’s likely there’ll be a raft of plug-ins released that will add even more functionality.

If you’re blogging on Windows it’s definitely worth a look.


Tim Heuer has already released two new plug-ins for Windows Live Writer. Tag4Writer enables you to add Technorati tags to your post and Flickr4Writer enables you to insert pictures from Flickr.