PR Miscellany – August 1 2006

  • Listen to your audience: John Scalzi offers a critique of two PR pitches he received for his blog. [Thanks to Trevor Cook]
  • For the love of all things holy listen to your audience: Doh!
  • Reading for the… well probably not the beach: Philip Young offers some higher end PR reading suggestions.
  • A chip on both shoulders: I can’t agree more with John Wagner’s post that it’s helpful to understand both sides of the Agency-Client dynamic. I think the empathy, understanding and insight you get on both sides of the fence is important.
  • The New PR: Leaving aside my aversion for the term “PR 2.0” – particularly given the fact that PR isn’t even in beta yet. Fair play to Todd Defren and the folks at Shift Communications who have released a new e-book on the changing PR landscape. It has all the bases covered: blogs, wikis, RSS, social media etc.
  • PR now available for download – but it ain’t pretty: 5W PR have created the first “Video PR pitch”… maybe it is actually time for 2.0. [Thanks to David Parmet]