PR Miscellany – May 5, 2006

Some reading and listening for the weekend…

  • As always For Immediate Release continues to be an informative and enjoyable PR podcast. The boys (Neville and Shel) are now on #134 (or is that 133? 🙂
  • The latest Edeleman Earshot has been released (#5)
  • Brian Oberkirch has released a podcast from a roundtable on PR 2.0 with Mike Manuel, Josh Hallett and David Parmet.
  • The Economist has published a really interesting story on New Media.
  • For the UK readers out there, Simon Collister has just completed a round-up of three UK PR magazines: PR Week (UK Edition obviously), PR Business and CorpComms.
  • As you may have seen elsewhere the BBC and Reuters have published a report on Trust in the Media (PDF) [Thanks to Neville Hobson]
  • Jeff Treem has a summary of the recent Makovsky 2006 State of Corporate Blogging Survey – Fortune 1000 companies aren’t inside the tent [Thanks to Niall Cook]
  • Trevor Cook has a link to three interesting college articles on Ethics in PR from three students in DePaul University
  • Yes, yes, yes… I’ve caved in on the tag rubbish… for the moment anyhow 🙂

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