Blogging on WordPress

Well after listening to Neville Hobson evangelizing the wonders of WordPress I decided I had better give it a try.

My daytime blog uses MoveableType on my own web server, but to be honest I am afraid to touch it in case it falls over.  I’m proud to say I installed it myself but every time I try and change something it all falls over.  I don’t have time to go diving back into the morass of templates and configurations. 

Instead I’m trying out the free hosted service from which has the drawback of offering limited configuration but the benefit of not requiring me to waste a lot of time.

Of course there’s a strong chance that it will die of neglect or suffer sporadic posting but then that’s probably no different to the majority of blogs 🙂

We’ll see how it works over time!


The site is now running WordPress on a dedicated server!