PRII Annual Conference Dublin

The Public Relations Institute of Ireland’s annual conference took place in Dublin yesterday. Attendance was up on last year and there was a nice buzz at the event.

I gave two workshops on emerging technology which were well attended and I’m glad to report that the awareness of blogging is growing nicely. There were even two bloggers in attendance (I didn’t get the addresses so if you’re both reading this do let me know!).

Funniest moment of the day was a question from a gentleman in one of the sessions which I didn’t hear properly and sounded like “You haven’t discussed how Symantec will change the web.” I assumed that Symantec must have made some sort of announcement that I missed so I asked him “Do you work for Symantec”. He replied; “No the SE-mantic Web”. I thought it was quite funny.

PS: In a 40 minute session that tries to provide context and a little insight into how emerging technologies will impact PR I didn’t get into terrible detail on anything and certainly not the Semantic web. The closest I get is RSS which I imagine will be part of the Semantic web.