PR Miscellany – April 18, 2006

Thought for the day: Does it scare anyone else that we’re already half way through April?

  • There was an episode of “The Outer Limits” or the “Twilight Zone” where aliens landed on Earth and declared that the human race was simply an experiment that they were bringing to an end because looking at the global political situation it was clear to them that our mental and social development was too primitive and showed no signs of improvement. The world’s leaders begged for a week’s stay of execution (bear with me on this one) and in one week the aliens duly returned and the world’s political leaders declared they had finally solved all the conflicts around the world. The planet was now at peace. The aliens laughed and destroyed the planet because they meant there wasn’t *enough* conflict. This is what jumped into my mind when I read this. Is the last bit of entertainment seeping out of PR blogs? Are we facing a barren wasteland? But don’t kid yourselves boys, it was never THAT interesting.
  • Speaking of aliens. PR from a different world to mine. [Neville Hobson, Andy Lark]
  • And in case you don’t believe me that something strange is going on, Steve has a post that’s linked to PR 🙂
  • Dear PR practitioners if you want a graphic example on the inherent difficulties in carrying out Public Relations in the world of the blog then look no further than this link. We’re moving into a time where everyone’s needs are different and failure to recognize and meet those differences can have a negative outcome. This is potentially disastrous for an industry with a long and very proud record of being unable to remember which journalist writes what. Now on top of that we’ll have to know if or how they prefer to be pitched. This ain’t going to look pretty. [Read the comments – link courtesy of Jim Horton]
  • Speaking of Jim Horton. It’s a little known fact – in a PR blog universe now exceeding 450 – that Jim is one of the PR profession’s first online pioneers. His Online-PR site has been running for years and he was blogging back before you could blog. Jim always has fantastic insights into the practice. I loved his post that the difference between marketers and PR people is that marketers believe the glass is half full..
  • A notable new entry into the world of PR blogging is Keith O’Brien editor of PR Week.
  • Also one of the more recent members of the Lewis PR fraternity to step out from the closet, Drew Benvie has kicked off a new blog called the Social Media Report.
  • The Hobson & Holtz Report #129
  • Nevile Hobson has a fantastic story that illustrates the challenge of the exclusive in the modern world…
  • Richard Edelman provides his perspective on the changes facing traditional media outlets. Can we please drop the “MSM” tag…
  • PR is ranked as the 20th best job in the US by Money magazine. And they give out about us making up surveys…. [Thanks to Voce Nation]

[Thanks to Philip Young and of course the artist Hugh MacLeod]