Blogs… they grow up so fast…

Since last Friday my blog has reached a stage of development where according to Wikipedia you should start to notice the following changes in tone and behaviour:

  • Delights in wordplay
  • Produces elaborate sentence structures
  • Speech is almost entirely intelligible
  • Changes tone of voice and sentence structure to adapt to listener’s level of under-standing
  • Outgoing; friendly; overly enthusiastic at times
  • Moods change rapidly and unpredictably: may throw tantrum over minor frustrations; sulk over being left out
  • Imaginary playmates or companions are common
  • Boasts, exaggerates, and “bends” the truth with made-up stories or claims of boldness
  • Cooperates with others; participates in group activities.
  • Often appears selfish
  • Insists on trying to do things independently
  • Relies on verbal rather than physical aggression
  • Name-calling and taunting are often used
  • Should be an interesting year.