Ethically promoting a PR blog… c'mon kids…

If you have an Internet browser or an RSS reader and you have even the most passing interest in PR blogs you can’t fail to have noticed the launch of a US-Style Spin Bunny [RIP] blog.

It’s called “Strumpette” and it bills itself as follows:

“What you’ll find here is an honest treatment of the PR business. Why? Because there really isn’t one. Some are sure to argue that point. Fact is it’s quite rare.”

Then the first post goes after Mr. Rubel.

Guess what, the gambit works and the blog has got more blog link loving than Trent Lott. But some people are appalled at the cheap shot at promoting the blog. Some bloggers are questioning the ethics….

Look a little dose of reality is needed here.

I don’t trust anonymous blogs full stop. If you don’t have the cojones to publicly stand over your posts why should I believe it?

Secondly kids, this is the blogosphere, your efforts at chiding the author of Strumpette only make its rankings go higher (as I am doing right now).

Thirdly some people are attacking Strumpette for shameless promotion. Oh Lord. Here’s some advice, can all the PR bloggers posting about Stumpette’s shameless, unethical, self-promotion please step out of the greenhouse with your hands in the air. A number of people taking the moral high ground on this issue are barely two inches from sea level.

So to summarize:

  • Do I agree with Strumpette? Nah.
  • Do I like anonymous blogs? Nah.
  • Did I read the post? Yep.
  • Will I read it in the future? Yep.
  • Do I give it much weight? Nope.
  • But it’s a diversion… now can everyone get back to trying to work out how to get a higher PubSub ranking.