Now there's a book I will buy…. (updated)

The purveyors of PR’s longest running PR podcast, Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz have announced (in their podcast of course) that they’ve just signed a deal with McGraw-Hill to publish a book on podcasting.

The latest installment of course has tonnes of news and views from the blogfest at New Communications Forum.


  • There’s loads of great content and posts coming out of New Comm Forum, I highly recommend you take the time to catch it. The podcast above is a great starting point.

  • More from New Comm Forum here, here, here and here, and here.

  • Finally, I’ve given you written and audio links to NewCommForum so what else is left than the photo record [courtesy of Phil Gomes].

  • Although this isn’t at the show it’s a very interesting interview by Eric Schwartzman and Phil Gomes, I included the link previously – highly recommended.