Stuff and nonsense…

Morning all. Well I’ve been a little slow to post for the past few weeks, which is probably the quietest this blog has ever been. Unfortunately work, combined with a lot of different speaking engagements have reduced blog time. You see it’s true, those who can’t do it talk about it 🙂

I noticed yesterday that I don’t even make the PubSub list anymore, though I’m in two minds if that’s a good or bad thing. The one thing that has given me great solace in this difficult time is that at least the spammers haven’t left me. Nope, they still love my comments and trackbacks. It’s fantastic unrequited love…

Thanks are due to everyone who took the time to share links to various charity blogs. I’ve been surprised at how, relatively speaking, little charity-related blogging is going on. There is definetely a lot of interest from the people I’ve been talking with during my PR talks over the past month.

Speaking of which… I’m finding that there’s still not a very high awareness of blogging in the PR groups I’ve been talking with, maybe 20%, but then as soon as you explain what they are the discussion takes off. People clearly see the opportunity.

I’m looking forward to the next speaking engagement which takes place next Wednesday in the UK (Manchester), where I’ll be attending and speaking at Philip Young’s conference Delivering the New PR. I’m looking forward to catching up with Philip, Elizabeth, Stuart, Neville and Stephen. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t think Serge is attending on this occasion, but it should be another very interesting day nonetheless.

So there you are. Back in the world of the blogging and more updates to follow. I’m sure you are all *really* relieved to read that.