Mixed findings from European PR blog survey

Philip Young has posted some details on the initial findings of the Euroblog 2006 survey which looked at how blogs are influencing PR around the region. The survey included over 500 respondents and found that 31 percent of respondents said they regularly write or contribute to weblogs with 26 percent saying they never do and only 4 percent having never heard of blogs. In addition 32 percent said they don’t plan to use blogs at all.

The report’s key findings will be published later today at the Euroblog website.

Anecdotally these figures seem high to me, I think that if you took the entire PR population of Europe there would be a lot more than 4 percent who hadn’t heard of blogs. At a talk I gave last night in Cork (mix of students and practitioners) around ten percent had heard of blogs. However, I’m looking forward to digging into the detail as it appears and without doubt it’s a very useful piece of work.