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I realize I don’t do this as often as I used to, however here’s a selection of some interesting PR-related links and reading…

  • John Wagner poses an interesting question: Have PR firms recognized and adapted to the changes taking place all around us.

  • Michael Arrington at Techcrunch offers some tips to avoid messing up your tech product launch.
    [Via Mason Cole]
    There’s also a really interesting post (read the comments) where Mike shares an e-mail he got from the CEO of a start-up he didn’t cover, the CEO gets involved and gets a positive outcome. The power of conversation in action.

  • Tom Foremski ponders whether we will see a major shake up in the PR business as we have seen in the media. It’s an interesting post and one that deserves some thought. Morgan McLintic and Steve Rubel share their own thoughts.

  • Jim Horton wonders aloud if we should out PR spammers to teach them a lesson.
    Shel Holtz has some thoughts on the practice.

  • Speaking of Shel, For Immediate Release the weekly PR podcast he puts together with Neville Hobson has broken through a century of installments – a fantastic achievement! Of course these boys don’ sit on their laurels and issue 101 and 102 are already out.

  • Jeremy wonders do we know where PR is going?

  • Well done to Stephen Davis for snagging an internship at Lewis PR. While he credits his blog for the internship (and it helped) he’s too bashful to mention that it helped that he’s an intelligent, motivated person – just having a blog isn’t enough – and credit also to Morgan McLintic for his assistance.

  • Amy Gahran posts an interesting piece on re-thinking the humble press release. And as an added bonus the words ‘is’ ‘press’ ‘dead’ and ‘release’ don’t appear in any order.

  • Sharyl Attkisson at CBS shares the most popular ways PR people have tried to kill a story.
    [Courtesy of Andy Lark]

  • Charles Arthur at the UK Guardian points out that PR people still don’t get it.

  • The Core Issues blog gives some good advice on why trying to bury bad news on a Friday (for public companies) isn’t necessarily a great idea.

  • Shel Israel thinks that start-ups may be better off with a PR Firm. I think it’s a little dangerous to make such rash generalizations – after all – many successful start-ups have succeeded because of great PR. PR doesn’t just mean media relations – nor does it have to cost half your entire operations budget….

  • Philip Young points to research which found that only 2 out of 10 senior business people write their own blogs. I can’t help thinking that in most cases a corporate blog written by the individual concerned would be more successful.

  • DrewB has found some research which estimates there are now 15,000 corporate blogs.

  • Mason Cole makes a great point that we shouldn’t focus on the tool but rather what we’re saying and how we’re saying it. Sometimes..

There’s a load of new blogs, as usual Constantin is the blog of record for PR blog lists, here are some I’ve found:

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