Seasonal Miscellany of odds and ends….

Some links, ramblings and facts for those who should be making better use of their spare time…

  • Anyone who believes that there is any type of accepted uniform measurement system for PR is also probably shopping for a nice bridge. There are of course many approaches to PR measurement, some of them even make sense and add value. But the reality is that PR people are poor at measurement and the lack of an agreed measurement framework is holding the business back. Shel and Andy share their thoughts, while undoubted PR measurement guru K.D.Paine makes an unfortunate analogy between the availability of useful, relevant and accurate PR measurement and a mythical figure in a red suit…. There’s now a page dedicated to measurement on the NewPRWiki.
  • Constantin Basturea is the go-to guy for a good summary of interesting PR posts.

  • This is the 1,337th post to PR Opinions which has now been running for 46 months.

  • My favourite Belgian, Serge Cornelus now has a blog.

  • Stuart Bruce’s blog has moved to a new address

  • If it’s true that those that can, do; those that can’t, teach, could the same be said about bloggers? 🙂

  • The Bulldog Reporter provides some useful pitching tips. [Via Bob LeDrew]

  • I believe the PR industry would be better served by less talk about new media and more action in the real world – you know, the one that pays the bills.

  • As always the Onion hits the target, this time it takes aim at the overweight thirty something marketers whose goal in life is to pretend they’re not thirty something overweight marketers [Via Colin McKay]

  • If you’re wondering why ‘you don’t get no respect’ check out CMO’s great press release quotes from 2005.
    “Some of my clients are searching online for different types of dog clothes. My job is to find one place to send them to. I’d like to discuss an arrangement with you about this.”
    [Courtesy of Andy Lark]

  • I’m in two minds whether this is relevant or not, but it’s certainly interesting [More from Trevor Cook]

  • Steve Lubetkin pens a very interesting post on PR’s continuing loss of credibility. I think it’s an important issue and until PR people recognize that we are in the communication business, it’s one that will continue to haunt us – probably forever.

  • Shel and Neville continue to deliver the PR podcast goods with episode 96!

  • Piaras Kelly is hosting an Irish PR Directory.

  • As an unabashed fan of Dilbert, one of my favourite blog entries of 2005 is unsurprisingly from Scott Adams’ blog:
    “If you are new to the Internet, allow me to explain how to debate in this medium. When one person makes any kind of statement, all you need to do is apply one of these methods to make it sound stupid. Then go on the offensive.”
    [Via MS&L’s BlogWorks

  • I couldn’t help but laugh at Satirewire’s interview with a Search Engine [Via DrewB]

  • Irish journo John Collins paints a depressing picture of the Irish technology media landscape.

  • 2005 PR blog launch award goes to Mike Paul. Out of hundreds of new PR blogs this year, PR Week chose to publicise Mike’s. Fair play…

  • Laughter is sometimes the best medicine [Courtesy of Guillaume de Gardier]

  • As a rule I don’t like anonymous blogs but Clogger is worth a visit.

  • I’ve three speaking enagagements coming up in the next couple of months:
    January 23rd a talk on Technology and PR in Cork
    February 9th a Public Relations Institute of Ireland workshop on PR and New Media
    February 15th “Delivering the New PR” a follow up event to the recent conference in Sunderland with Elizabeth Albrycht, Stuart Bruce, Neville Hobson, Chris Rushton, and Philip Young. The event takes place at the Lancashire Cricket Club in Manchester

  • Am I a bad PR blogger if I don’t bother to use Technorati tags?