You sir, are nothing more than a doyen….

There’s been some heated discussion recently among the PR blogging community following Stephen Baker’s description of Steve Rubel in the BusinessWeek blog as the ‘doyen’ of PR bloggers.

It appears the comment has raised the ire of some. I think it’s no more than a storm in a teacup, a nitpick on language, and it’s possibly a good time for a reality check.

Why has the comment caused so much angst? Mr. Rubel is without doubt the most widely read, quoted and heard speaker on the intersection of PR and blogging. He has attained this position through a lot of hard work, networking and spotting a need for a specific focus on PR and blogging. Fair play to him.

That’s not to say from time to time I don’t have issues with the often incestuous relationship between the A-list bloggers, I do, but the idea of dedicating myself to the sole subject of PR blogging fills me with dread, PR is a diverse subject with many facets and I prefer the diversity. Furthermore, I’m not sure I’d match Steve’s passion or commitment!

So let’s not begrudge Steve’s success, he is after all a positive evangelist for the profession.

Now let’s get back to work!