PR Miscellany – August 18, 2005

  • These days I find it increasingly hard to be shocked or surprised at the stupidity of some of our “colleagues”. [Thanks to Alice Marshall for the link]
  • George Beres writes in the Oregon Daily Emerald that PR has no place in Journalism school…
  • There’s some disagreement going on about how effectively Fedex handled a recent “rogue” website. [Allan Jenkins, BL Ochman, Steve Rubel]
  • As covered widely elsewhere (I include it here only for archive purposes!) a recent survey by Nielsen/NetRatings found that five percent of blog readers use RSS…
  • Some more additions to the world of corporate technology blogs. Adobe and BMC Software are now upping their efforts. [Thanks to Constantin for the link]
  • Weber Shandwick have published an article offering advice on how to navigate the world of industry analysts. [Via Duncan Chapple]
  • Mike Manuel ponders whether the future of PR (and business in general) is a blurring of lines between departments and disciplines (e.g. PR and customer service). It’s an interesting discussion that deserves more time and reflection than I am giving it at this moment. We shouldn’t forget that history teaches us that organizational change is inevitable, albeit typically slow and incremental…
  • The Hobson and Holtz Report #59 is now awaiting your iTunes.
  • Steve Rubel reports that Cisco‘s PR team is now podcasting PR content such as industry discussions and events.